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I took a beginning yoga class and loved it! Check it out!
— Wynn Jones
A beautiful place to do yoga in a gorgeous setting with art, expert teachers and innovative classes, anyone can teach yoga but few put all of their heart and soul into each class experience - love you guys ❤️
— Karin Pearson
Lovely environment for yoga. Mari is a great teacher, and has the best props (soft wool blankets)
— Jalene Moore
New Moon is a very relaxing and soothing space. I love the intimacy and warmth of the studio.
— Lisa Garcia-Hier
Awesome Sauce! Try it, you’ll love this little gem of a studio! Quiet, intimate, and heart centered.
— Jamie Kramer
I have experienced Chakradance, Kundalini Yoga, and Ecstatic New Moon Dance here at New Moon Yoga, under new Owner Jessica Merwin-Scott, it seems as though the Spirit has been set for new beginnings and unfolding some very honored Space to create a beautiful Yoga life! Very Down-to-Earth yoga studio!
— April Grose-Dehring