The new 2017 FALL SCHEDULE is here!

Check the 'Classes' page for all the details

NEW offerings such as:

Qigong, Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Yoga, and a Sacred Dharma Flow class

Also, check out our Fall Mini-Retreat below!


Cultivating Breath, Immunity, Inspiration

A Fall Mini Retreat!    Monday 10/2 8-10:30am

Tibetan Singing Bowls with Eva Tytar

Yoga for Every Body with Mari von Walthausen

Qigong with Flora Biancalana

Warm beverages & healthy fare~  $40 pre-registration required

231-463-7359  or


Fall 2017

WORK YOUR FLOW with Katie Nehil

This is a once-a-month class, first Saturday of the month, 6-7pm

Come for FUN, for flowing your yoga to old school grooves and hip hop!!




Fall 2017


1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7pm

So much fun for young and old, children & families welcome!  "Dance" here is defined simply as the way your body is responding to the rhythms of the music in the moment.  There is no right or wrong in free movement exploration - an exploration that is all yours.
Find more description on the 'Classes' page!