Meet the Owners

Ken Scott and Jessica Merwin, husband and wife, are the owners of New Moon Yoga studio. They have been on a path of spiritual development and growth since 2012. During that time is when Jessica found Kundalini Yoga and meditation and has been practicing both daily now for about seven years. ‘Kundalini yoga changed my life, helped me break addictions and vibrate at a higher frequency’ says Jessica. In 2018 she decided to become a Kundalini Yoga instructor so she could pass on this ancient technology to her community. And although she has not taught long, she is dedicated to the practice and learning and loves to share that passion with others. Jessica also facilitates Chakradance, which is another way to move energy throughout the body.

Ken is a Mechanical Engineer also trained in Nuclear Physics while in the Naval Nuclear program. Ken has been studying Quantum Physics, Epigenetics and Brain Science for many years. Much of ken’s study is inspired by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton. “I really needed the new scientific models of reality to help me adopt a spiritual practice.  Once I had a mental model that helped me understand how energy and emotions affect me and those around me, working on my state of being became a priority” says Ken. Ken is also a musician, an artist and teacher and leads the guided meditation classes and the Quantum Spirituality series.

In a previous lifetime they were both in the military, Ken in the Navy and Jessica in Air National Guard (Air Force), serving, yet not feeling like they were contributing. They both wanted something different. “I wanted to feel I was a part of contributing to the greater good, but the military left me unfulfilled, as taking orders and going to war were never my specialty.” – Jessica laughs.  Although the military life was not her ‘cup of tea’, she says she does appreciate the discipline and integrity it brought to her life. Saying: “Without it I am not sure where I would be”.

Jessica has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sustainable Management, and an Associate’s degree in Supervisory Management. She takes her love of nature into account when running business operations, as you will find that all the cleaning products are natural and non-toxic, the studio practices recycling and other ethical environmental practices.

Both love the outdoors, connecting to nature, playing music together and are committed to being ‘of service’ in a way that feels good to them. They know how much yoga and meditation changed their lives for the better and now step forward with enthusiasm and love to share their stories, and connect with community in this way. Sat Nam.