10-11am   *6wk session 1/15-2/19* Qigong: Finding Inner Healing - Flora Biancalana  $60  Joining late?  We'll prorate the cost!

12-1pm   Yin Yang Yoga (donation) - Peg Burman

5:45-7pm   *6wk session 2/26-4/2* Sacred Dharma Flow - Naomi Cole  $60


10:30-11:30am   Feldenkrais Method - Terry Griffin

5:30-6:30pm   Community Yoga (by donation) - Amy Hubbell

7-8:15pm    Yin Yoga - Kirt Baab


5:30-6:30pm   Vinyasa Flow - Devin Moore

7-8:30pm    *1st & 3rd Wednesdays* Ecstatic Dance/Free Movement/ALL ages!  (by donation)


9-10am   *8wk session 3/22-5/10* Snake Qigong - Joan D'Argo   $99 register & pay at www.joandargo.com or bring cash or check to first day of class.

10:30-11:30am   Chair Yoga - Mari von Walthausen

12-1pm    Slow Flow Yoga - Janice Johnson

5:30-6:30pm   *3/8-3/29* Kundalini Yoga - Andrea Hemphill  4 week session - pay as you go, drop-in or class card

7-8pm    *4th Thursdays* Tibetan Singing Bowls - Eva Tytar March 22nd: 7:15-8:15  ($12 suggested donation or pay what you can!)


10:30-11:45am   Gentle Yoga - Amy Hubbell

6-7:30pm   *9wk session 3/16-5/11* Chakradance - Jessica Merwin 9/$180; if you have already taken an intro class/$162; or $20 drop-in


9:30-10:30am   Yoga for Recovery - Molly Stimac

1-2:30pm    April 7 * Pre/PostNatal Yoga Workshop - Naomi Cole

1-2:30pm    * 6wk session 4/21-5/26 * Pre/PostNatal Yoga - Naomi Cole   $60


1-2:30pm    *3rd Sundays* Whole Wellness Yoga Series: Support your path to healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually through yoga, supplements, essential oils, and more.  Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18: Overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder  $10 Register & pay at www.oryana.coop; cash or check day of, if space allows.

10:30-1pm April 15th - Spring mini-Retreat!  Yoga with Mari von Walthausen, Qigong with Flora Biancalana and Tibetan Singing Bowls with Eva Tytar.  Practice and ritual to welcome Spring into body & mind. $40 Call to register.  Stay tuned, more details coming!





Yin Yang Yoga:  This class combines the slow deep stretches of Yin yoga poses for maintaining ease and mobility through the joints and connective tissues along with the muscular stretch and strengthening of more active & heating poses.  A balanced practice accessible to newer and experienced students alike.  Some basic yoga experience helpful.

Sacred Dharma Flow:  Open to receiving and exploring ways of finding your Dharma path.
In this 6 week series we will explore through the body, mind and spirit, finding your Sacred Dharma path through yoga practice, guided meditation, journaling, and witnessing.
* The Physical Body - Learning powerful tools for women, including self-care massage techniques.
* The Emotional Body: Witnessing emotions, exploring love language, creating a safe container.
* The Spiritual Body: Moving toward trusting your soul path.
* Cleansing: Identifying areas in your life that need cleansing and the tools to do so.
* Sleep & Dream: Dream work techniques, and how to improve sleep, its importance on our hormone regulation, mood and health, including adrenal fatigue.
* Ritual & Ceremony:  Intentionally creating a doorway to receiving and a life that is full!

Qigong: "Finding Inner Healing"  Working with a gentle Qigong practice, including stretches, flows, postures, sounds, color and meditation, each week we tend specifically to a different organ system.  This sequence is intended to enliven and strengthen your own healing energy.

Feldenkrais Method:  Feldenkrais uses a process of organic learning, movement, and sensing to free you from habitual patterns and allow for new patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to emerge.  The lessons are easy to do, of benefit to everyone, and the results can be extraordinary.  For both short term needs for pain relief, rehabilitation and recovery, and long term goals of health, vitality and flexibility.  For all abilities, no experience necessary.

Pre/Post-Natal:  In this six week series, October 10th through November 14th, connect with a supportive community of new and expecting mamas in this pre/postnatal yoga series.  Specifically designed for the bodies of women journeying into motherhood.
Prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the birth of your baby and rebuild strength postpartum.  Babies joyfully welcome!

Community Yoga:   This class is an offering to the community in which students may make a donation, as they are able, in exchange for the class.  We hope to make yoga accessible to a wider community regardless of current financial obstacles.  This is an All Levels class open to everyone.  It provides a well-rounded, safe and satisfying practice for able-bodied students. If you have acute injuries this class may not be suitable.

Yin Yoga:  Yin yoga, a practice of breath, stillness, and release opens the body and the mind to new possibilities. This 75 minute class is suitable for students of all levels of experience. Participants will use props as aids to modify their practice on the mat so they can adapt the asanas to target muscles, ligaments, fascia, and other connective tissues. As they rest into the poses, the students will soothe physical structures, release emotional tensions, and release energy previously held tightly within their body. It is common for students of yin to sleep deeply, feel more confident, and surprise themselves by being resilient in the face of distress. Wear comfortable clothes and come prepared to find flexibility of body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga for Beginners: is an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga; posture, breath and awareness. If you have never taken yoga before, or if it has been a long time since you’ve been on the mat, this is the place to start…or start again. Yoga for Beginners will include detailed instruction for all of the foundational postures, with modifications and variations. There will be some hands-on adjustments and a deep relaxation at the end of class. Yoga for Beginners is open to all levels. Many choose to take this entry level Yoga class again and again, as there is always more to discover about yourself as you change and grow. Yoga reminds us that we are always right where we are, being astonished beginners, in all ways.

Ecstatic Dance:  Not a class, but a community freeform movement space where you can move to your inner rhythm.  Music is selected to follow the "5 Rhythms", beginning slowly, building to a peak, then making it's way toward melodic and meditative to end in a space of quiet contentment.  Guidelines: 1.) Move however you wish.  2.) No talking on the dance floor.  3.) Respect yourself, the space and one another.  Ecstatic Dance is a drug & alcohol free space.  Please also refrain from photos, video, shoes and scents.  We begin and end sitting in an informal circle for optional sharing of thoughts, intentions, experiences, whatever is there to share.  This is an all ages space!  Children are very welcome:)  Donation.

Chair Yoga:  A creative & supported practice using the chair for seated poses, as well as, to support standing & balancing poses as needed.  We do not get down onto the floor in this class, and if student is unable to practice standing poses they are welcome to remain seated and still receive all the benefits of moving with the breath, maintaining range of motion in the joints and gently building core stability.  Beginner friendly.

Slow Flow Yoga:  In this Slow Flow practice as we mindfully progress through a sequence of floor and standing asanas, the focus will be on body and breath awareness allowing the mind to quiet, providing the opportunity to be fully present in the moment.  The slower pace allows for more exploration within each pose, provides a sustainable practice for all levels of students and offers the beginning student a safe and comfortable environment and experience. Class begins with a gentle warming and loosening of the muscles and joints, followed by some moderate strength, heat-building poses during the mid portion of the class and ends with cooling and restorative poses for a well-rounded yoga experience.

Kundalini Yoga:  Kundalini yoga teaches you how to gain a strong immune system, a strong nervous system, and an awareness for the impacts of your habits. Kundalini yoga works on the seven chakras, the arcline, and the aura. It works to release the dormant kundalini energy in the base of the spine, bringing the energy up to balance the chakras and help you have a projective aura and a meditative mind.  In a kundalini yoga class we use a combination of exercises, meditations, mantras, and breathing techniques to get our kundalini energy flowing and to put our mind into a meditative state.

Tibetan Singing Bowls:  Relax into the healing sounds & vibrations of a beautiful collection of Singing Bowls played by Eva Tytar.  You are welcome to make yourself comfortable in any way you choose, in a folding chair or on the floor with available mats, blankets, bolsters.  Bring whatever you like to get extra comfy!  All ages welcome.  $12 or donation

Gentle Yoga:  Ease into greater mobility, flexibility & balance at a slower, more accessible pace.  This class provides the opportunity to fine tune your body/mind awareness, respect your own boundaries, honoring where you are in your body moment to moment, breathing, opening, moving through your comfortable range of motion.  Beginner friendly.

Chakradance:  Are you a “Toe Tapper”, “Foot Stomper”, “Head Banger”, or “Booty Shaker”?  Music is the universal language of humanity, bonding us all in a mutual kinship.  Dance is the language of the soul.  Chakradance reunites the individual with the collective, through an intimate guided meditation.  It provokes spontaneous movement, activated by the varying vibrational tones of its carefully choreographed music, promoting a body-mind-soul connection.  Explore this phenomenal healing modality and experience who you really are.

Yoga for Recovery:  This class is for anyone identifying and working with any form of addiction in their lives.  This is an all levels yoga class that moves at a gentle pace to give you the opportunity to show up and be more present to yourself.  Offered by free will donation.

Snake Qigong:  a series of 18 flowing movements that embody different "postures' of a snake. From Flying Snake to Sensuous Snake to Snake Strike, it is an excellent way to build up stamina and strength especially in your core.  In many traditions, the Snake represents transformation, healing, and growth. It sheds its skin because it has outgrown it. Through creative movement, this class sets the stage to help you shed what no longer serves you as well as to create what it is you want to bring in. Plus, it's fun!  Many students report significant positive transformations in their life after taking this class.  Snake Qigong can:  Enhance your creativity and intuition; Integrate transformative healing imagery into your personal life; Gently awaken your Kundalini energy - your creative life fire; Strengthen you Body, Mind and Spirit.  Ready to shed what no longer serves you?  What is it you want to manifest?  All welcome, no previous experience necessary!